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Dear TA Online Studio Subscribers,

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the TA Online Studio and the Tracy Anderson Method. Your enthusiasm inspires our team each and every day, and we can’t thank you enough for being a part of our community. Throughout the years, we have worked to enhance your experience with technical improvements and added content. At this stage, we are excited to be updating the video interface and allowing the content to become even more accessible to you.

We are beginning to migrate the TA Online Studio content from the website to the Vimeo OTT/VHX platform. For Active Monthly Auto-Renew subscribers and Active 6-Month Auto-Renew subscribers who began their subscriptions prior to mid-January 2018, your subscription and billing information have been securely transferred from our current billing processor to Vimeo OTT/VHX. Your accessibility to TA Online Studio will continue without interruption.

For all other Active Subscribers, your subscription information has been transferred over, and Vimeo OTT/VHX will honor your subscription through the end of your current billing cycle. Once your current billing cycle is up, you will then be prompted to re-input your billing information into the Vimeo OTT/VHX platform. You will also be prompted to select either a Monthly or Annual Subscription.

When the TA Online Studio officially launches on Vimeo OTT/VHX, you will find a link to the TA Online Studio Vimeo OTT/VHX content on the website. When you click the link, you will be routed to Vimeo OTT/VHX where you must choose to create a personal login OR request a personal email link to access your subscription and content.

To ensure that the transition goes smoothly and that you don’t miss your workouts, we will keep all video content accessible on our website AND on Vimeo OTT/VHX for one week. We encourage you to become familiar with accessing the videos on Vimeo OTT/VHX so you do not have any concerns when the videos are no longer available to view on the website.

If you have any issues accessing the videos on Vimeo OTT/VHX, please contact Customer Support here:

We have many exciting additions to TA Online Studio on the horizon with the launch of our new platform. You will notice that TA VA is no longer an offering in the cardio library, as Tracy is focusing on your endurance at this time. We will continue to offer a library of several dance cardio options.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we continue to make improvements to the TA Online Studio platform. Your accessibility to the content and the results you receive from it are always our priority.

We hope your enjoy the new user experience.

Thank you,
The Tracy Anderson Method Team